Ünlü bir masal ya da efsanenin İngilizcesini bulabilir misiniz?

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7. sınıf Doku yayınları ingilizce student's book sf.96 için ünlü bir masal ya da efsaneyi çevirmem gerekiyor, bulabilir misiniz?

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SNAKE Castle (yılan kale-şahmeran efsanesi)
Misis snake among the people in Adana, Ceyhan Yel'le, There is a rumor that he will go to Adana sel'le. Been involved in the legend of the name Şahmaran Yılankale'nin between Adana and Ceyhan.

Rumor has it that a snake yaşarmış.Yılanlar Yılankale'de beslenirmiş milk. Misis without milk will come out one day and descending from the castle there sokacaklarmış inhabitants.

According to another story, one of the gentlemen living environment will not benefit to the drugs had been desperate trouble. A doctor, a gentleman said it was good that the eyes of snakes Shamaran Sultan. But I could not find one Shamaran.

Snakes snakes slid Sultan insanoğullarından killing one saved him a big favor bulunarak. That man knew Shamaran hiding place.

This man, the brain will catch Shamaran decided to win the prize. The only person who knows the hiding place among the people that Shamaran imiş.

In the meantime, Şahmaran, fell in love with a beautiful girl. This girl out for a better view, and from there she went to the top of the bath bathhouse loss dropped the middle. Here are followed and the man knows it, the hammam Shamaran killing took his eyes. Mr. eater's eyes, a good thing. [1]

Another hypothesis

Once upon a time, a man who accidentally in a cave inhabited by thousands of snake, snakes sahmeran taken by the sultans. But he had to forgive someone Sahmeran man tells his life. Locating someone who does not want to endanger his own life, freeing.

Sahmeran treats her very well. Providing for all the needs of a living being said, the two men, to chat Şahmeran'la spend most of the days.

How comfortable, albeit a remote cave in the real world, this life-long bored man sahmeran asks permission to return to earth one day.

Sahmeran full confidence man, said he believes the location will not tell anyone, lets go. However, the body sees itself would be flaky, so it should not show anyone your body is warning.

Returning to normal life on earth, man would never tell anyone he'd ever seen Meran Shah. In the meantime, the Sultan's daughter was sick, the whole country has been mobilized for the treatment. One of the most healing queen from those who seek her.

The real purpose is not the son of the sultan married girl, who take control of the country rather than queen, collecting all the wizards, to find cure this disease.
One of wizards, some of the pieces to be taken from the body and boiled sahmeran içirilmesi murder case there would be good to tell her.

Adds a scaly body should be looked at in order to find sahmeran people. Soydurarak necessarily take everyone in the country queens bath, the person who finds sahmeran. The man goes to the cave with the promise of sahmeran kill.

Sahmeran After describing all the facts, ask what you should do. Sahmeran: "My death will be away from you I already knew," he kill himself, but it is to be kept confidential. Because death is heard, all the snakes in the world, people WILL RISE revenge. Then: "my tail him drink the water boil, and the queen will die as soon as possible.

Boil the water and the girl that my body heal him drink. Boil the water and inside my head that Lokman Physician thanks, "she adds. He listens to them in a way a little bit bitter. Sahmeran snakes, as a guest of the man to go, would not return for many years, he tells us not to worry and reach Earth's surface. Sahmeran say he does. queen dies, the girl heal itself is Lokman Physician.
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