Bir websitesi nasıl optimize edilir?

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How To Optimize a Website ?

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SEO Website optimization

1. what the website is about
2.what is the business of the website
3.what are the services of the website
4.what is the intention behind making the website
5. check for How many pages does the website has
6. then check is the website meeting the purpose of the visitor
7. what are the Potential keywords for the website
8. enough content
9. check it is user Friendly website
10. F.A.Q
11. Check broken link
12. Create html sitemap (is the website easy to navigate  )
13. Loading time (it should not be more then 5-6 seconds  )
14. Reduce use of Java Script and flash( its  eats a lot of loading time )
15.  Xml sitemap
16. Create blog  (update your blog regularly)
17. Check how many pages are indexed on google server
18. how many backlinks does the Website has
19. current alexa ranking of the website
21.Keyword analysis
22.  WebPages filename, instead of saving your page a frontpage.html or page.html try using a keyword phrase in the file name such as treats-for-kids.html separate each word with a hyphen - Note don't rename your index.html, index.htm , index.php or any other file called index as a keyword.
23.Use h1 ,h2 tags
24. just a few words for each image helps the search engines understand what the image is,you can also save these images using keywords in the same way as the page instead of image1.gif you could have healthy-choco-treat.gif
25. Add an alt text description to each of your websites main images.
26.  check competitor sites (what keywords they are targeting  , how is the look and feel of their website  , compare who website is very user friendly and easy to handle)
27. meta title, meta description
28.  create accounts on social media websites like  (facebook,twitter)
29.  xml sitemap (sitemaps updated time to time  )

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