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Childhood and years of education
Hawking was eight years old, from North London, went to St Albans 20 miles away. St Albans school record was 11 years old. Here his father's old school, after graduating from Oxford University colleges continued. Although you do not want to take care of his father's medicine, she loved math. But the math section of the school were not available. So I began to study physics instead. Three years later he was awarded a first class honors degree in Natural Science. Hawking later cosmology (cosmology) went to Cambridge to work on. At that time I did not work on the science of the universe in Oxford. Although not as a consultant in Cambridge Fred Hoyle was appointed Dennis Sciama. First after receiving his doctorate research assistant, Gonville and Caius College, then became an assistant professor. After leaving the Institute of Astronomy in 1973, Hawking applied mathematics and theoretical physics department has passed. After 1979 the Lucasian professor of mathematics in mathematics was. This professorship is a member of parliament in 1663 the university was founded by Henry Lucas. Isaac Barrow, first in 1669 and then was given to Isaac Newton. Hawking has worked on the basic principles of the universe. Roger Penrose, together with Einstein's General Theory of Relativity of Space and Time, covering the Big Bang showed that starting with ending with black. This result Theory of General Relativity with quantum mechanics reveals that the merger was needed. This second half of the twentieth century was one of the greatest inventions. A result of this merger, the black hole is not actually completely black, but they evaporate and invisible radiation that was revealing spreading. Another consequence was that the universe has an end and limit. It's the beginning of the universe in purely scientific framework of rules meant to occur.
Diseases of the previous life
Stephen Hawking in the early 1960s at the age of 21 without treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was infected. Motor neuron killing eighty percent of the time, paralyzing the nervous system; but the mental activity of the brain touching this disease, Hawking was sentenced to life in a wheelchair. Famous scientist, since 1985, because he had lost his voice as well, placed on the seat, which can convert text to audio through the computer can communicate with people. Currently Hawking, scientific pursuit and daily life in and around the family is a great support. Want to talk at the moment, squeezing tool in the hands electronically, depending on the special chair at the computer monitor, can be sort of 10 words per minute. It is a quiet genius speaking, there is a special word about 2600 in the memory of the computer. So when you want to say any word can write on the screen. The number of words used in the speeches of healthy people is around 2500. Therefore, Hawking is never short of words to express their feelings.

Stephen Hawking allegations about quantum physics and black holes, among the scientists in the world we live in today is the most recognizable name. Books, has been translated into 40 languages​​; crazy popular theoretical knowledge about the universe you need to make to ensure financial independence and applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University laboratory has developed enough to buy. Hawking with the disease constitutes a mysterious personality. His latest book, "The Universe in a Nutshell", the world could be faced with a major disaster, noting the establishment of human colonies in space had brought. And that has become a phenomenon, selling millions "Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes" book, Hawking had brought his reputation. Occurred since the publication of the first book of the major discoveries revealing the secret behind "The Universe in a Nutshell", "Brief History of Time" can be considered a continuation of the. The author of the new book, we are often more surprising facts from the fiction that takes off to the highest point of theoretical physics and the fundamental principles of the universe that's understandable interpretations. Theory of relativity, the time travel, super-mass gravitational supersymmetry in quantum theory, the M-Theory and holistic brain algılanım until the universe known most provocative secrets opened the door to the book, Einstein's "General Görelelik Theory" by Richard Feynman's multiple past the idea of ​​combining the universe is complete a single theory that can identify those bits and trying to improve. Reads the book can be perceived as a scientific work, as well as easily evaluate a science-fiction novel. Hawking's "complex propositions with analogies from everyday life that gets pulled ability to portray" gives this opportunity. In 2012 "Great Design" also has removed the book. Books are usually a "Creator" s presence who deny Stephen Hawking, Theory of Everything (Combined Field Theory) What is reached when the universe creation process, 'God needed the concept that it is not clear language refers.

Stephen Hawking, Einstein, the most brilliant theoretical physicists since the world is considered. Has received 12 honors. Has been awarded the CBE in 1982, it has received many other medals and awards. The Royal Society and the National Academy of Sciences (American National Academy of Sciences) is a member.

Stephen Hawking with his children's books have been docking in cosmology them affect children. Her books has also expanded the imaginations of children.
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John Dee (July 13, 1527 - December 1608 or March 1609), English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, cruise, imperialist, [4] and writer. Dee, Queen Elizabeth I did counseling, life alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy is dedicated to.

Dee, trying to distinguish the world of science and magic. Yet early in their twenties at the University of Paris had been invited in order to provide advanced algebra courses. Dee period, rather than on mathematics, worked as an astronomer well-known and respected in the UK who want to apply geographical discoveries which have been on a cruise specialist. This study, as well as magic, astrology and Hermetic philosophy has made working on issues. Also the last thirty years of his life, by communicating with spiritual beings, the universal language of creation and the apocalypse is dedicated to acquiring information.

Dee Hermetic magic, the differences between his mathematical research and add views not only in the Renaissance Platonist Marsilio Ficino along with the evocation of a student and has done research in the areas of divination. In his research, dominating the world of the underlying divine form what is known in a different way than has been engaged in activities to explore. Throughout his life his all of this kind of research, the UK's largest library has collected. To be a scholar, his political career was also affected. Elizabeth served as a teacher and sometimes during, sometimes facing consulting Francis Walsingham and William Cecil played an important role in the development. Also Dee, the first to use the name of the British Empire writer.
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John Napier is or latin Neptun, Merchiston-was born in Edinburgh in 1550, died on April 4, 1617 in Merchiston Castle. Baron of Merchiston and Napier, a Scottish mathematician, known as the logarithm of the finder.

Napier, trained and mathematics at the University of Saint Andrews also was coming from inside the watch as a curiosity. He is an amateur mathematician. When looking for a way to simplify the numerical calculations, before the rulers known as Napier, written on the little stick figures with the help of a method of multiplication or division found. 1, 2, 3, ... in the form arithmetically corresponding 10, 100, 1000, ... in the form of geometric series, the relationship was shown. In 1614 his "Description of the logarithm Rules" in his book, arithmetic and geometric sequences by comparing sequence, brought the concept of logarithms in mathematics. Today, unlike the established series, logarithms, described him as a function of the number declining. The arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence is the logarithm.

Professor of mathematics at Oxford University, Henri Briggs, Napier's log and ordinary rulers adopted the present invention relates to the preparation Napier thoughts went to Edinburgh to explain. Napier, between 1618 and 1624, has released the excellent two logarithmic scale. This work is the product of his twenty-year study. Napier's work on this subject are numerous. That the foundations of some of the calculators of two books published in 1617.
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